Learn how to live harmoniously with CYCLICAL LIVING.

Life is all about cycles. 

Day and Night, Ebb and Flow, Wax and Wane. Summers to Winters.

Everything has a start and finish to its natural loop and blueprint, a rhythmic pattern that breathes in and out reliably, cyclically. Naturally.

In a modern world it’s easy to override nature’s rhythmic cues.

 The darkness of Winter is now bathed in electronic light and artificial heat.

 Our reminders to withdraw, reset and re-evaluate are easily overlooked.

All too often we endure burnout, fatigue, stress and illness as a result of our repetitive lifestyles.

 Taking time to do little or nothing comes with an uneasy feeling.

It didn’t used to be like this.

Ancient Wisdom

For Millennia, our ancestors lived and breathed by the Moon.

The Moon was a guide for all aspects of life.

Even though these practices may have been forgotten by the modern world, for those who remember them, they are just as valid now as they ever were.

By following the phases of the Moon we can match our energy and output with the Moon’s growing glow to reap the benefits of living in harmony with the natural world.


Our calendars not only show the moon’s phase but what zodiac sign the moon is in.

This way you can attribute certain tasks to reflect the moon’s natural energy.

Moon in Aries
“Aries is associated with the masculine energy. The fire. The warrior. The initiator. These are the qualities so familiar to those of us who have souls like bubbling volcanos. Who want to be the rebels, the fire-starters, the trailblazers. However we need to to learn to use this fiery energy in a mature way…and not to burn ourselves or others in the process".

Moon in Taurus
“Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of the feminine. Feminine is always about receiving and creating - through human bodies and the Earth. This energy has incredible healing ability as it’s the area that many of us are disconnected from. Taurus moon can bring out collective sadness, anxiety, anger or grief. Especially if we’re not allowing ourselves to slow down and connect to the incredible source [nature] and soak in the beauty at that time”

Moon in Gemini
“Gemini is playful, creative, curious and interested. Hungry for life and eager to taste all its aspects. One with the need to explore many paths simultaneously being guided my what feels most fun. It’s the time of doing, opening portals of manifestation. Go for your dreams.”

Moon in Cancer
“This is a beautiful time of great healing and receiving. Like a river that knows that it is shaped and guided by the shores holding it, gently dancing with the river banks that mould its path. If you feel bored and overstimulated (flowing too fast), it might be sign to simplify your life. Let the debris fall away, so that your base is clear, and just float. Only with proper nourishment can we manifest everything we dream of.”

Moon in Leo
“Leo symbolises sovereignty and agency and invites you to govern your domain with inner knowledge, wisdom and grace, like a wise king or queen. Precise in words and action, the manifestation of mature Leo energy is being the master of your own mind and body, leading your life with compassionate discernment. Whatever has been sabotaging your creativity, growth or gist - let it ‘burn’ with a fire of passion. Take the centre stage, the drivers seat of your life.”

Moon in Virgo
“Virgo Moon is like a divine Earth Goddess with strength and power that can move mountains. She is an independent woman who stands on her own, feet planted in the soil. Virgo moon invites us to find our wisdom, self-sufficiency from connecting to the Earth, rather than being dependant on other people and relationships."

Moon in Libra
“Libra’s energy is Masculine Air but its ruler planet is Venus which is actually categorised as feminine. This explains the Libra symbol as the scales of balance. It is affected by both polarities, masculine as well as feminine and asks us to find the balance between the two within us and in all our relationships - to find a way to balance structure with flexibility, dreams and inspiration with actual action. Giving with receiving.”

Moon in Scorpio
“Scorpio often brings the suppressed emotions and feelings, such as rage, to the surface from the deep undercurrents of our soul, and makes us want to “destroy” everything to get rid of it. We may feel shy at first, not knowing how to live our truth or express our gifts, but we just need to step up and speak up. There is a great wisdom that needs to be revealed. Lean in.”

Moon in Sagittarius
Sagittarius is definitely a ‘doer’. It’s the fire of ignition. Fuel your curiosity and inspiration. Find your mentors. Invest in experiences, courses and workshops. This is such an enjoyable energy of play and hope, like a happy flicker on a bonfire on a midsummer night. You know that a new day is starting, the new dawn is on the way and you are ready for action.

Moon in Capricorn
“Capricorn energy is practical and grounded. Not one who blindly runs for whatever carrot is dangled in front of her, she’s committed in her journey and knows the destination - the top of the mountain. Build the strength of your heart and body, not just your mind. Nurture yourself through steady routines and ritual. The more you connect with Mother Earth, the better.”

Moon in Aquarius
“The keywords for Aquarius are Mind + Focused Action. There is nothing incremental about this energy. The old beliefs and world will crumble. The Aquarius Moon asks you to go beyond the mundane and master the arts of delegation and focus on the path to success.

Moon in Pisces
“Pisces Moon days are sensitive, both physically and mentally. While dominant masculine productivity and linearity have been the place of worship….the fluid dreamy pisces was condemned. Pisces energy is the one that peels off the layers of old conditioning and initiates rebirth at soul level.” Taken from MOON POWER by Merylin Keskula-Drummond

Are you ready to attune to the Moon?

If you want to learn more about cyclical living, I highly recommend reading 'Moon Power' by Merilyn Keskula-Drummond.

A great read for anyone starting their journey into how the moon can be of benefit to your overall health and well being.

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