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Full Moon Ritual - Your Complete Guide

A full Moon ritual honours the climatic peak of a moon’s cycle before the energy wanes toward darkness and the next moon cycle. When we work in harmony with the moon’s energetic rhythm, we find balance within our lives.

The full moon is a time of great power and significance astrologically, so it makes sense to harness it as much as possible.

Rituals are a method for formalising that process and giving you the structure and routine to do so.

Rather than letting all that energy go to waste or living in ignorance of how intimately bound up we all are with the heavenly bodies, you can instead attune to the moon.

When you attune to the moon, you change your state of mind and body as well.

In this blogpost I'll take you through 8 steps, outlining what to do and how to do it.

Let’s get started.


Step 1. Set the right intention

We honour ourselves and the Full Moon when the moon is at its fullest illumination.

Retreat to your calm, private space cleansing the area with sage or incense. 

Step 2. Get centred

Since there’s a lot of energy at this stage of the lunar cycle, it’s better to bring tranquility into your space. That way you can use the energy to your advantage. 

Light incense and then focus on your breath for a moment.

Feel the energy in the room, and ground yourself in your inhalations and exhalations.

Step 3. Reflect

Light a candle and reflect on the period of time since the last New Moon. 

How much of your intention has been met and what do you still have to work towards? 

Consider how the moon has brought you to this point in your life, who has inspired you, assisted you, or supported you. 

Allow all thoughts and let them pass. Try not to fixate or linger.

Step 4. Acknowledge and release

Forgive yourself any of the goals that have not yet been met and let go. 

Full moons are the time to release anything that no longer serves us. 

Know how you will honour your intention going forward, take a piece of paper and write down 3 things you are grateful for.

Read your statements of gratitude out loud, knowing them to be true.

Adapt, renew or set intentions for the next set of lunar cycles and write them down.

In accordance with your feeling towards the intention, you can then choose to either burn your written work in the flame of your candle or keep it safe in order to revisit it in the future.

Step 5. Meditate

Sit still and meditate in the moonlight or on a full moon. Let your body relax into the quiet. As you do this, ground yourself in your own energy and feel your connection to everything around you.

Feel the moonlight all around you as it flows through your body, becoming one with the Earth and its natural rhythms of life.

Step 6. Silver bowl

While meditating, hold a small bowl of water under the light of the full moon.

As the light refracts through, it will create a shimmering halo around the bowl.

Step 7. Charge your talisman with lunar energy

Hold a cherished piece of jewellery or whatever talisman you may have in front of you (or, if you’re not ready to carry it yet, hold it in mind) and ask that the Moon imbue it with her power and ability to aid you on your journey. 

Step 8. Blow out the candle.

Your Full Moon ceremony is now complete.

To finish

Let the energy of the full moon digest. Take a few moments to feel what you experienced and let that resonance settle into your being. 

Allow it in so that over the coming moon cycles you are fully open to manifesting with the Moon. It is a great time to find connection with water by wither walking in nature or taking a Full Moon bath.

Enjoy the energy of the moon and it’s restorative powers. 

Moon rituals are simple, effective and sacred ways to be more aware of your connection to all things. 

To learn more, stay in touch to find more ways to Attune To The Moon.


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