Hayley the creator of moon phase studios who draws the moon phase calendar

About Hayley

Hi, my name's Hayley and I'm a watercolour and calligraphy artist based in Cornwall, UK. I have a BA Honours degree in Fashion Design from Nottingham Trent University (from about 100 years ago)​. I live with my partner Matt, our two little girls and our sofa hogging dog, Lola. Our main family business is Sunset Tipis and I create my Moon Calendars during the quieter winter months.

I compiled my first Moon Calendar out of necessity when I returned from living in Australia in 2010. There's an awesome Aussie astrologer called Thomas Zimmer who creates these amazing calendars but unfortunately they're only compatible for the Southern hemisphere. 

So in the years that followed, I really missed those bloody posters so I attempted my own version. It was pretty small, it didn't have as much detail so I made a couple of copies and gave them to friends and family. 

Years later and I've made contact with Thomas Zimmer* and now I design and sell full scale astrological Moon Calendars based on his original wheel format, with his approval.

Lunar Planting

The calendar includes lots of various details but one of my favourites is the Lunar Planting Guide. 

The concept for this is based on a principle of harnessing the most fertile times to plant and propagate to maximise a plant's yield. I got shot down once in an online gardening group for asking about Lunar Gardening. There are ardent growers who are wholly dismissive to the idea. 

And to be fair I get it, on the surface it sounds like hippy dippy waffle, but the impact of varying degrees of light has a huge impact on a plant's success - any grower would agree with that. So on a very basic level, the variance in the pitch blackness of a new moon compared to a bright full moon would make a difference. 

Let's not also forget that the Moon does indeed move the Earth's oceans with its awesome gravitational power - so its potential effect on plant life shouldn't be so easily dismissed.

Menstrual Cycles & The Moon

I also have a huge fascination with the Moon's impact on women's menstrual cycles, and again this is an area not fully understood by science. In my attempts to get more information in this area I found a scientific article online about the topic (which has since been removed). 

It dismissed any correlation between the moon's cycles and menstrual cycles due to "only 70% of women finding a pattern comparable with lunar activity". ONLY 70%? You mean, only the vast majority of women studied? 

With no mention to the whole host of reasons that come to mind that can explain the other 30%.....polycystic ovaries, irregular periods, menopause, stress, illness, breastfeeding, the list goes on. 

I can only speak for myself but I've personally drawn a lot of comfort from following lunar activity in balance with my own personal cycle. There's comfort to be had knowing you are part of a much wider picture and feeling in tune with nature. 

Following your own natural rhythms, allowing for periods of withdrawal and self care feels right. I can go outside, look up at the Moon and think "crikey, that time already. I better make a lasagna and get some bath salts in because it looks like I'll be off my feet for a day or two."

If you're still reading this, then I appreciate you sticking around to listen to my extended waffle. I hope you get some enjoyment from our amazing Moon and if you're not already, start getting ATTUNED!

Love Hayley x

*As an end note regarding the astrologer Thomas Zimmer. He obviously has absolutely the right idea in life and has no social media, website, email address or even a telephone. Our correspondence is through letter writing which is pretty slow but also pretty cool. A percentage of all sales from Moon Phase Studio calendars will be paid to Thomas with thanks.

About You

You are Nature. 

Modern life may have taught this out of you at some point but you know deep down that there’s something magical and powerful going on inside of you. 

Perhaps you’ve always felt this but never really listened until something woke you up? 

Something painful or transformative that made you reassess, that made you want to step up and take control of your life, to be your best self, to live a life of joy and on your own terms.

And you realised it’s hard and that you may need some help to overcome your blocks, to overcome any resistance and to allow yourself to grow and be happy.

And what helped you? 

Something bigger than yourself. Something that fills you with awe and reverence and love and belonging.

Something big. The same something that lights up the stars, that made all the planets and made all their Moons. 

The same something that makes all life possible and created every atom in your body.

And guess what? That something big and you are the same thing.

You are a way for the Universe to know itself.

That’s pretty special.

Whatever it is that woke you up, no matter how painful it may have been, I’m glad you learned from it and I’m glad that you’re here. 

You're on the right path so just keep going.

Now, more than ever, it’s time to Attune To The Moon and set yourself free.