Errors and Amends

Moon Phase Studios is run and operated by a small team of dedicated staff, committed to providing the most accurate products and services possible whilst taking pride in our work. That being said, we are all human and mistakes are made along the way.

Our Journals and Moon Calendars contain an extensive amount of information and with this comes the possibility of the odd mistake or printing error. We use top of the range astrological software which is correct at the time of print but is liable to update changes. We meticulously read and re-read all of our product information in house, as well as using professional external proof-readers before anything goes to print. 

We sincerely apologise for any mistakes and hope you can understand and appreciate that we try our utmost to minimise any errors.

If you find anything inaccurate along your Moon Phase journey please let us know at

Below you will find a short list of current product errors.

13 Moon Journal - 2024

  • Hunters Moon Cycle - From Friday 4th October until Monday 7th October it is incorrectly titled Harvest Moon.

13 Moon Journal - 2024

  • Book Moon Cycle - Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th are incorrectly dated as 2023.

                                  - Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th are incorrectly dated as 2023.

                                  - Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th are incorrectly dated as 2023.

                                  - Thursday 1st August is incorrectly dated as 2023.

                                  - Saturday 3rd August is incorrectly dated as 2023.