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Journal - Shipping Update

Journal - Shipping Update

Important updates about your order!

Arrival Dates: Pre-order Journals Expected Early October

Great news! We're expecting the pre-order Journals to arrive in early October.

Fundraising Success!

Because of you our amazing customers, we exceeded our fundraising goal for the print run 🎉 I considered selling my house, hair, and even my husband's bike, but your pre-orders made it unnecessary.

A huge THANK YOU to everyone.

Early Orders Dispatch

If you placed your pre-order between June and now, you're among the first to receive your goods.

Arrival at our fulfilment centre is now set for September 13th, a bit later than initially anticipated.

Organised Dispatch Process

Our organized team in Nottingham will kick off dispatching the earliest orders.

Due to the high number of pre-orders, it'll take a couple of weeks to process everything.

Delivery Timing

While it's hard to pinpoint your exact delivery date, I'll send updates closer to the time.

After the first wave of orders, more shipments will go out the following week up to mid-October.

Priority for Fundraising Bundle Supporters

We'll release pre-orders for the journal on its own after the calendars go on sale (13th September).

New customers ordering only the journal can expect delivery in November to ensure our amazing fundraising bundle supporters get top priority.

Special Arrangements for Address Changes

If you're moving in October, please let us know. We'll organize an alternative address for you.

Anticipated Questions

  • Adding Calendar to Existing Order?

    • Unfortunately, we can't add a calendar to existing pre-orders. Calendars can be purchased separately on the website starting September 13th.
  • Delivery Timing Concerns?

    • If the new timing doesn't work for you, and you'd like to cancel a pre-order for gifting purposes, reply with your order number.
  • Buying the Journal Individually?

    • Pre-orders for the journal alone can be placed from September 11th, with delivery expected from mid-October to early November.
  • Journal Availability Without Pre-order?

    • We're aiming to list the journal for immediate purchase around mid-October, but it might sell out quickly.

Lastly, Thank You again for Your Support! We truly appreciate your patience and support. Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy your upcoming pre-order goodies!

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