Pre-order 13 Moon Journal 2025

What is the 13 Moon Journal?

Our 13 Moon Journal is a completely unique style diary as it isn’t formatted by using the traditional Gregorian calendar and standard Monday-Sunday format. This is the only moon journal (as far as we’re aware!) which starts with the last New Moon of 2024 and follows all 13 moon cycles through 2025. It has full length diary entry pages for each of the New, Full and Quarter moon phases.

What are the benefits of using a 13 Moon Journal?

Journaling can be a hugely rewarding experience. Aligning with the power of the Moon’s phases can amplify this as a period a revived renewal is offered with each New Moon. An optimum time to retreat and reflect, you will set your intentions and ambitions for the following cycle and year ahead. Plan your energetic outbursts and strategize your periods of vital rest in conjunction with the ebb and flow of the moon.

What is in the pre-order?

This year we are offering four different pre-order options. We are currently receiving our first samples and will be able to update with photography by mid June. These pre-order options will be the best price to get these products. Once pre-orders are over and these items are ready to “Buy Now” they will be listed individually on the website at their full price. The bundle options will still remain to buy on our website after pre-orders end, but they will be on sale at their full bundle price shown below.

Our 300 page A5 hardback 13 Moon Journal in teal green with copper foil detailing. (Buy now will be £38). Pre-order price £35

  • Our 13 Moon Journal (RRP £38)
  • Lined “Sunshine Jotter” ;to be revealed. The lined Jotter will be a slimmer 160 page book to act as a spillover journal for additional writing space. This is also a hardback A5 book with watercolour illustration and copper foil detailing. (Buy Now RRP £24)

(Total £62, Bundle Buy Now will be £50) Pre-order combo price £45

  • 13 Moon Journal (RRP £38)
  • Heron copper bookmark, to be revealed (RRP £8)
  • Copper ballpoint pen, to be revealed (RRP £10)
  • Embroidered Heron Booksleeve (RRP £24)

(Total £78, Bundle Buy Now will be £68) Pre-order bundle price £58

  • 13 Moon Journal (RRP £38)
  • Sunshine Jotter (RRP £24)
  • Heron Bookmark (RRP £8)
  • Copper Ballpoint Pen (RRP £8)
  • Embroidered Heron Booksleeve (RRP £24)
  • *2025 Moon Calendar + booklet (RRP £25)
  • Zodiac Tote bag in rust (£16)

(Total £143, Bundle Buy Now £115) Pre-order bundle price £99

*We are offering our new size Moon Calendar in this year's bundle which will be a smaller size with accompanying booklet. Our original size, poster style Moon Calendar will be available for sale in September*


This is only our second edition of our 13 Moon Journal and pre-orders are vital in order to pay for the print run which takes place during the summer. We are a very small business and pre-order support enables us to manage inventory and essentially, make this project a reality! It takes two designers 6 months of full-time work to make each Journal come to life. Hopefully you can see the hours of love and dedication that is poured into this creation. We are filling our 2025 version full of seasonal, inspirational art as well as astrological prompts and guided meditations. 

We are planning on launching pre-orders on the 21st June and we will keep the campaign running until the end of September. By the start of October, all items will be listed individually for sale at their full retail price. Bundle discounts will increase to their total price.

Timeline of events here:

21st June: Pre-order Launch

1st July: Print run order placed. We will place orders for our Journals and other items reflecting on how well our pre-order launch has been received.

31st July: All artwork and designs submitted, manufacture will begin!

25-29th September: Journals will arrive at our H.Q in Cornwall ready to dispatch.

30th September: Pre-orders close.

1st -15th October: The first wave of pre-orders (those received around launch date) will be processed with priority, and sent out.

15th-31st October: The second wave of pre-orders (those received until pre-orders closed) will be dispatched.

Early November: Depending on where you live in the world, we are aiming for everyone who places a pre-order to receive their items by the first week of November.

Over the next few weeks we will issue proper product photography and release more information to you. In the meantime if you have any pressing questions please email us at We’re currently compiling a list of F.A.Q’s so if a thought does spring to mind we’d love to hear it! Thank you for your patience whilst we are busy organising our website for the pre-order launch…we can’t wait to share more of what we’ve been working on with you all!