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Lunar Hare

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The story for this design evolves as the sleeping Hare springs to life as the moon grows to it’s full illumination. Follow the imagery around the mug from darkness into light.

This is a handmade top quality product made using the 100 year old traditional enamelling method. The imagery has not been printed on to the mug, but has been enamelled onto the surface making it a much more superior quality product which will last a lifetime.

Holds 11.8oz/350ml

Customer Reviews

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A "mostest" gift for a great host!

After having ordered moon calendars for both my daughter and me (and anticipating the moon journal collection), I immediately thought an enamel mug would be the perfect gift for a generous friend who has given me a guest bed in a airport city during a time of sudden travel to an ill mother. I was so happy to get the "I LOVE IT!" text after sending the mug to a hard-working nurse whose number one joy is to be under the sky in nature. Can you say CAMPING MUG?! Yay!!!

Ayesha Shoaib
Love it..

Its so cute and perfectly made.. Dishwasher safe and my daughters go to mug for breakfast oatmeal yogurt creations she loves to try out each morning.. Thank you 💓