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2024 Calendar + Digital Journal Bundle

🌙  2024 Moon Calendar RRP £25

🌙  2024 Moon Journal Digital Download RRP £18

🌙  Moon Phase Studios Logo Sticker RPP £3

🌙  Moon Lovers Tote Bag RPP £16

🌙  Limited Edition Moon Worshippers Bookmark RPP £8

Total RRP £70 - Bundle Saving £20.00!

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🌙 Nature's Guide: Align your year with nature's cycles and let the Moon mentor you through 13 unique cycles, seasons, and Pagan festivals.
🌟 Cosmic Rhythm: Embrace the Moon's teachings on the art of approach and retreat to live harmoniously with the cosmos.
📔 Features: A5, illustrated, lined pages, exact digital copy of our hardback version. Can be used on tablets iPads etc. Includes instructions to use a third party app to type directly onto the pages.
📆 Duration: Begins 12th December 2023, covering the last Moon cycle of the year and all of 2024 (13 Moons total).


✨ Design: Features the iconic naked woman Moon Phase Studios Logo with metallic gold detailing.
🔗 Use: Adhesive backing suitable for various materials.


🌟 Heavyweight Tote bag in black cotton featuring "Me and the Moon are like this" illustration screen print by Moon Phase Studios.


🌌 Design: Illustrated Moon Worshipper woman with gold foil on navy blue. Has the feel and appearance of real leather.


📅 2024 Moon Calendar inclusive of all moon phases, zodiac transitions, meteor showers, super moons, solstice, equinox, pagan wheel of the year and lunar planting guide.

Digital download PDF. Instructions included to add a third party app to type directly onto the journal pages.

Size: 102mm x 80mm.

Measurements 420mm x 370mm / 16.5in x 14.5i

Size: 175mm x 40mm.


Specs: A1 print on 170gsm silk finish paper. Made in the U.K.
Size: 594mm x 841mm (standard A1). Ships in a 686mm x 51mm cardboard tube.

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I received my journal today - it truly is a thing of beauty! I cannot wait to start using it. Thank you.

- Kate

This is such a wonderful, sumptuous book, I can't wait for the new moon in December to start writing in mine. The moon calendar is utterly beautiful too.

- Melissa

What a beautiful journal, thank you for creating this gem. And I love my tote bag & bookmark too. I have no doubt this will be a huge success for you, congratulations!!

- Nicola

Cyclical Living

What Can I Gain from Attuning to the Moon?

Self-Discovery: Enhance self-awareness with consistent reflection and introspection.

Growth & Intentions: Foster personal evolution by aligning goals with the moon's rhythm.

Nature's Embrace: Dive deep into nature's wonders by understanding lunar phases.

Stress Relief: Find tranquility and clarity through dedicated moon journaling.

Creative Sync: Let the moon's energy inspire and fuel your creativity.

Harmonious Living: Connect deeper with nature by syncing hormonal activity with lunar cycles.

Dealing with Life Challenges…

Lack of Structure: Struggling with direction and organizing thoughts?

Disconnect: Detached from nature's rhythm?

Stress & Burnout: Overwhelmed without coping tools or rest periods?

Self-Reflection: Finding introspection challenging?

Creativity: Inconsistent motivation and output?

Spirituality: Missing deeper spiritual connections?

cold moon in the 13 moon journal

Experience the Transformation with our Lunar Living bundle!

Structured Thoughts: Organize your mind and set clear directions.

Nature's Pulse: Deepen your connection with natural rhythms.

Holistic Wellness: Use journaling for stress relief, emotional healing, and managing anxiety.

Self & Creativity: Boost creativity and self-awareness, aligning with lunar energy.

Cycle Syncing: Track and align menstrual and lunar cycles for harmony.

Spiritual Journey: Embrace and understand lunar phases to enhance spirituality.

Attune to the moon

🌙Astrological Symbology, 

🌙Pagan Wheel of the Year,

🌙Mercury Retrograde,

🌙Solstice and Equinox dates.

🌙Traditional Full Moon feast names and dates.

Thank you so much! I was so excited to receive this. So glad I preordered! Go get yours now!! It's the most beautiful planner. It the moons 13 phases so starts from December this year. I can't recommend these enough!

- N.D.Witch

The Journal itself is absolutely stunning and full of information...so perfect for a beginner to Lunar Living.

- Gemma .M

Mine arrived last week. Absolutely beautiful, thank you - it will be treasured.

- Liz P


You fill in the blank spaces in the journal as you would any diary. However, the diary pages in this journal focus on the moon phase not the day and date, although they are included. For this reason the journal starts at the first New Moon of December 2023 and continues through 13 moon cycles of 2024. It is known that New Moons are synonymous with good intentions, withdrawal and inner wisdom. This is a great time to make goals and for the cycle ahead and get the most out of your writing journey.

Each symbol is a glyph which represents each of the 12 Signs of The Zodiac – 

♑ Capricorn ♒Aquarius ♓Pisces ♈Aries ♉Taurus ♊Gemini 

♋Cancer ♌Leo ♍Virgo ♎Libra ♏Scorpio ♐Sagittarius

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Rated 4.9/5.0 By Happy Customers

2024 Calendar + Digital Journal Bundle

Regular price $65.00

🌙  2024 Moon Calendar RRP £25

🌙  2024 Moon Journal Digital Download RRP £18

🌙  Moon Phase Studios Logo Sticker RPP £3

🌙  Moon Lovers Tote Bag RPP £16

🌙  Limited Edition Moon Worshippers Bookmark RPP £8

Total RRP £70 - Bundle Saving £20.00!

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