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Attune To The Moon

Moon Calendar 2024

🌙 Reconnect with the Moon by easily following the lunar cycles.

🌙 Shows every Supermoon, eclipse, meteor shower and all mercury retrogrades.

🌙 Magnify the momentum of your year with the Moon as your guide.

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The 2024 Moon Calendar for the Northern Hemisphere showcasing all astronomical events such as the Supermoons, Meteor Showers and Eclipses.

Never miss a Full Moon again with this year at-a-glance calendar beautifully hand painted by artist Hayley Jones.

It shows you exactly what phase the Moon is in on any day and which sign the Moon is transitioning through.

Instructions are also included to use the print as a lunar planting guide; harnessing the best potential for a plant's yield by utilizing the most fertile times of the Moon's cycle to sow and harvest.

A1 single sided poster print on 170gsm silk finish paper.

Designed, printed, and packaged in the UK. The poster measures 594mm x 841mm (standard A1) and comes rolled in a cardboard tube measuring 686mm x 51mm.

Plastic caps seal both ends of the tube, which can be further recycled after use.

This listing is for the moon calendar artwork print (and multiples) and does NOT include a frame or poster hanger.
Poster Hangers are listed for sale separately.

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Cyclical Living

🌌 When we sync with the Moon’s phases, we find harmony and balance.

🛡 Embrace the art of give and take, just as the Moon shares and withholds her light, safeguarding against life's burnouts.

🌑 Each New Moon is a fresh start, a chance to align your aspirations and bring your dreams to life for the next cycle.

🎉 Revel in the cosmic vibes that change as we approach the Full Moon, a time bursting with celebration and energy.

🌙 See every moon phase for 2024, at a glance.

🌙 Showcases all of the moon’s zodiac transitions.

🌙 Includes Lunar Planting guide

🌙 Pagan Wheel Of the Year

🌙 Foster a deeper connection with nature’s cycles

🌙 Be inspired by cosmic events

🌙 Never miss a Supermoon or Mercury Retrograde.

🌙Astrological Symbology, 

🌙Pagan Wheel of the Year,

🌙Mercury Retrograde,

🌙Solstice and Equinox dates.

🌙Traditional Full Moon feast names and dates.


London GMT

The time that the moon leaves one Zodiac Sign and enters the next.

Each symbol is a glyph which represents each of the 12 Signs of The Zodiac:

♑ Capricorn ♒Aquarius ♓Pisces ♈Aries ♉Taurus ♊Gemini 

♋Cancer ♌Leo ♍Virgo ♎Libra ♏Scorpio ♐Sagittarius

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The calendar is designed and created in Cornwall (UK) by artist Hayley Jones.

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Moon Calendar 2024

🌙 Reconnect with the Moon by easily following the lunar cycles.

🌙 Shows every Supermoon, eclipse, meteor shower and all mercury retrogrades.

🌙 Magnify the momentum of your year with the Moon as your guide.

Regular price $28.00
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