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Full Moon in Pisces Insights

On Saturday (10th September) we welcome the final Full Moon of this summer season, this time in Pisces. Pisces is a mutable Water sign, these signs are emotional signs, bringing intuitive and empathetic aspects to the fore. A mutable sign is one that brings about transition and change. They redirect the energy. 

Mercury Retrograde

We will also see the start of Mercury Retrograde on the same day as the Full Moon. A planet in retrograde means it appears to be moving backwards in orbit although this is just an illusion. 

As Mercury rules - amongst other things: travel, communication and technology - Mercury Retrograde is commonly viewed as a time period when things can go wrong. A retrograding planet always comes with the flavour of the sign that it is retrograding in. Mercury Retrograde is with us for a few weeks ending on 2nd October.

This is an emotionally intense Full Moon with the sun in grounded Virgo and the Moon in emotional Pisces. A powerful combination as the practical, grounded Virgo will help to balance the deep emotions that the Pisces Full Moon may bring to the surface.

The compassionate Pisces Full Moon is a time to find peace and build bridges. It is a time to put an end to things, release anything that is no longer serving you. It is a time for forgiveness and acceptance. Think about yourself and what you want to release in order to move forward feeling at peace, creating the dreams you wish to become reality.

Harvest Moon

The traditional name for the Pisces Full Moon is the Harvest Moon as it always falls around the time of the Autumn Equinox, and is the time of year to gather crops. This bright Full Moon allows farmers to continue to harvest into the night. 

As we have mentioned it is the last Full Moon before Autumn Equinox, so spend some time thinking about what you have learnt over this last lunar period as we move into a new one. It’s a time to create closure and move onto pastures new.

How can I honour the beautiful Full Moon in Pisces?

This Full Moon brings with it sensitive energy that will heighten our emotions. Due to this, emotions can run deep during this Full Moon so now is the time to reflect on forgiveness, healing and renewal. As this is an emotionally intense Full Moon, focus on relaxing rituals to soothe your mind and body ready for the month ahead. 

You can work with the energy of the Full Moon anytime over a three-day period. However, the Moon is in the sign of Pisces between the 9th -11th September.

Create a sanctuary to heal and evolve

Finding a time to sit outdoors under the Full Moon is a perfect way to honour this Full Moon. Finding a quiet space to reflect without any distraction is perfect. Simply tune into the sounds of nature or turn on some relaxing music (the sounds of raindrops or storms will work well with the Piscean energy). 

This will help to release any stress your body may be feeling. Take time to cleanse your sacred space and light candles or burn incense. Lay out your crystals, slow down and tune in to your inner emotions. 

Honor the element of water

As Pisces is a mutable water sign this is the perfect time to honor nature's element of water. Enjoy taking a ritual bath or an awakening shower.  Once you have created your calming space you can simply Moon bathe and relax under the glorious energies of the Full Moon. Another option is to take a late-night dip in the ocean if you are lucky enough to live nearby!

Meditate and Breathe

This Full Moon is the perfect time to release your negative energy and stress. Slow down, meditate and focus on your breathing techniques. Enjoy listening to the world around you…breathe, forgive and heal.

Journal and Reflection

Spend time tuning in to your inner emotions and journal with a focus on these emotions. 

What are they telling you or guiding you towards? Focus on forgiveness, write a forgiveness list, read it outloud and burn it under the Full Moon. 

Also spend time reflecting back on all that you have achieved since Summer Solstice as this is the last Full Moon of the season.

Cleanse and Charge your crystals

Cleanse and charge your crystals under the Full Moon to fully harness the Moon's energy. Suggested crystals for the Full Moon could include Agate for emotional healing, Malachite for positive endings and new beginnings and Amethyst for balance, calm and protection.

What else is happening during this lunar cycle?

We have had a wonderful start to the month in the lunar calendar seeing the New Moon in Virgo begin, giving everyone the push to get back on track that they needed after a beautiful summer!  On the 23rd September we will see the sun moving into Libra and Libra season will begin. 

At the very end of the month, we will see the lunar cycle start again with a beautiful New Moon in Libra beginning on 25th September.

Before all that, as we have said, we have Mercury Retrograde starting on 10th September that will stay with us until 2nd October!

We welcome the Last Quarter Moon in Gemini moving into Cancer on 17th/18th September. 

On the 23rd September Autumn Equinox will begin, alongside the Pagan festival Mabon which is celebrated between 21st-24th September.

We will also see the Draconids Meteor Shower on 7th October.

Phew what a busy month in the skies…the cycle will begin again when we welcome the Full Moon in Aries on 9th October.

Watch out for upcoming posts with more info about all this coming soon.


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